About ipsojobs

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What is ipsojobs?
Ipsojobs is a job bank focused on urgent employment.
The commitment of
When time is of the essence, Ipsojobs offers the swiftest and easiest means of finding employment or filling an urgent vacancy.
Benefits for employers
There are times when companies, organizations or private individuals need to fill a vacancy or undertake a task as quickly as possible. provides the swiftest and easiest platform for reaching the greatest number of candidates.
Benefits for candidates
For occasional jobs, weekend work or earning extra income, provides you with all the tools you need in order to find employment.
The main features of ipsojobs are:
- A job bank specializing in urgent employment. When time is of the essence.
- Job offers are posted free of charge.
- There is no need to register to use the system. You do not need to create an account.
- Complete user-friendliness: there is just one form to fill out for job postings.
- RSS for each combination of city and sector.
- Ipsojobs is a multi-city, multilingual service.
- WE DO NOT SPAM: We do not store email addresses, so no advertising information will be sent to you.
How can I post a job?
In order to speed up the process and make it as easy as possible, all the information regarding the job is entered on one form. There is no need to register to post or view a job offer. The information needed to post a job offer is as follows: job title, industry sector, description, conditions and contact information. We have also included a validation code in order to prevent jobs being posted automatically by web “robots”.
How long are jobs posted for?
As ipsojobs is focused on urgent employment, offers will be posted for 30 days. After that time they will be deleted from the database.
How can I contact a prospective employer?
The company, organization or private individual posting the job will provide all the information candidates need to contact them in the field ‘conditions and contact information’. Recommended information to provide is an email address and telephone numbers.